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TWIG Nerd News Network-Week of October 18th 2010

What happens when 2 of the crew pop out mysteriously at the last moment ? What happens when one of them is replaced by a woman at the last possible moment ? This weeks Nerd News tries to answer those questions, and much more !
We hit on the digital distribution craze with news of two different services and their success bringing media to the masses. We also take a rather inexplicable look back in time, care of TFG1. There’s talk of evil hackers and some Sonic the Hedgehog discussion mixed in with the fun as well. Even television is not safe from this tour-de-force as we discuss the status of a number of series. Yes, no one is safe from our intrepid hosts as they derail a once proud show.


DK’s Doctor Who visual dictionary

DVD Review of the Week – Broken Lizard Stands Up

Diversitile Custom Clothing Interview

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