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TWIG Nerd News Network Week of August 16th 2010

TWIG Nerd News Network Ep 36

Its an odd week when Laidman comes back with stories of assless chaps and whips but what do you expect from this Canadian weirdo?
In this episode of the Nerd News network, its a reunion for all 3 Mikes and a Spada as they tackle what happened in the world of Nerdom this week! Spada tells you how to find some really fantastic deals on whatever you need. Laidman shatters Birdman’s hopes for breaking an exclusive Rock band 3 story via a video response to the set list and Blanchard brings us an update to the Michael Bay produced TMNT movie. The TWIG nerds also touch off on how software piracy can yours for only 150 bucks on your PS3 and what the hell is going on with the new Spiderman reboot and who shall be his lady love.
This episode also features some lovely hatemail read by a very bizzare British-ish fellow and an interview with a canadian geek who knows his stuff,Jonathan Llyr formerly of Canada’s own Space Channel and his own Podcast Hardcore Nerdity. Lastly we have a toy review that may have you hunting the racks of Toys R Us or Ebay very soon…
take a listen and stay tuned at the end for a touching story of love at first fist….

Spada’s deal hunting article

Check out Birdman’s Geek Fight card from Geek Fight, get yours from BIRDMAN at the Toronto Fan Expo 2010

Hate Mail from Luke!

Jonathan Llyr-Nerd personality on the Geek culture of today-Hardcore Nerdity Host(WEBSITE CURRENTLY BEING RE LAUNCHED

TFG1 Mike reviews Transformers Animated Rodiums Prime

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