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TWIG Nerd News Network – Week of April 25th

In this weeks Nerd News an ailing Birdman is booted off his own show!  That will teach him to eat large amounts of fast food.  Seriously though, if you heard him you would want to send him to bed too.  Even without Birdman the show must go on!  Join TFG1Mike, Steve ‘Snowball” Saylor and Spada the Baltmatrix as they dive headfirst into this week’s wellspring of nerd-dom.  We look at some Batman and Superman stories, what the future could hold for the Fast and the Furious films, a possible medium for some upcoming consoles, and a bunch of Apple talk.  And did you hear? Microsoft is bringing back Clippy……………  Come with us if you want to live.


Game Access.ca Game of the week “Mortal Kombat (2011) for PS3

Check out Birdman’s interview with chiptune artist “Jonny Nero Action Hero and his album-Expermutations

Blu Ray Review of the week-Mortal Kombat

Check out Birdman’s Geek Fight card from Geek Fight-email mike@thisweekingeek.net for YOURS

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