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TWIG-Nerd News Network-Season Opener-Week of June 7

TWIG Nerd News Network Ep 26

To boldly go where the Nerd News has never gone before!
This is the first episode of the Nerd News Network for Season 4.5 and we alot of new faces to the TWIG family. Some of TWIG has gone on hiatus and some have joined up from the rank and file of the TWIG Army to command new geek legions but it’s a busy show this week and an extra long edition of the Nerd News Network.

We welcome Clark “Superfan” Pulliam as the new TWIG community who manages our Facebook/Twitter and other fan relation projects!
Also new to the Team is Matt Spada and Ryan formerly of the TFwire Podcast and now join us as regular hosts and contributors to the program
Lastly we formally announce the promotion of two new executives to the TWIG staff, Mike “Fist of Justice” Laidman and Mike “TFG1″Blanchard and they now have the ability to command our vast clone army from the vats of Kamino.

In this episode of the Nerd Network, the gang talks about new innovations in space flight from the Japanese, the sudden interest in the Mortal Kombat franchise and then hit off on elements of the World Cup Soccer and internet usage and what you may not know about Scareware,Malware and Spyware from a computer expert. All these topics and so much more are contained within this season opener on the Nerd News network! Birdman also brings up some special elements in this show as he talks with Digital Playground Actress Jesse Jane and reviews some very kick ass new Games and DVD’s from the world of Uber geekdom!

GameAccess.ca Game of the Week-Splinter Cell:Conviction
Interview with Adult Actress Jesse Jane from Digital Playground-Click for her official website
DVD Review of the Week from Funimation DBZ:Kai part 1-Click here to buy from Amazon.com

TWIG would like to thank our Sponsors this season for their services
Console Repair guy.com

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Mike”The Birdman”Dodd
Mike “Fist of Justice” Laidman
Mike “TFG1” Blanchard
Matt Spada
Ryan Merkley

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