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TWIG – Nerd News 001 – Week of October 12

TWIG - Nerd News 001- Week of October 12

This just in, TWIG opens news desk! More on this and other stories at 11!

Just kidding about the 11 part. We here at TWiG strive to constantly improve the way we deliver content, and the weekly news is no different, which is why we’ve split it from our by-weekly topic shows in order to keep you, the listener, up to date on the goings on in the nerd world. Which is why we’ve created the Nerd News Net work, NNN for short. Each week The Skunk and his fellow news anchors will cover the usual geeky topic you’ve come to love, each and every sunday!

So join us won’t you for our first episode of Nerd News!

So Download and enjoy!

(P.S. Expect Nerd News to get it’s own dedicated section on the homepage in the next few weeks, for now it’s filed under the episodes section, we also apologize for this episode coming out mid-week, we promise future episodes of Nerd News will be out on sunday evenings.)

News Anchors:
Stefan “The Skunk” Pelletier
David “Double D” Denis
Mike “The Birdman” Dodd

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