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TWiG Interview Chris Sabat

Last time on Dragonball Z, Mike “The Birdman”Dodd had his sights set on Vegeta! Imagine his surprise when Vegeta showed up!

This week in geek has a long history with the Z fighters from Goku to Gohan and even Emperor Pilaf but today, we FINALLY get a chance to talk with the prince of all sayians, Chris Sabat. Chris Sabat has worked as a voice actor,director and so many other roles over the last 15 years and shares some of his experiences with us here at TWiG.
Chris and Mike also discuss the latest Dragonball Z movie with Battle of Gods and how it’s like working on a dream project and more.
Did you know Saiyans can go to the bathroom anywhere they want on Earth?
What are the crowds like at the different conventions?
We also hear how Chris did something amazing for one fan who had a serious problem.

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