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TWIG Episode #78-Marvel’s IRONMAN

TWIG Topic Show #78

Jarvis, please download,podcast TWIG into the computer and oh yeah, while your at it…..buy out Starbucks or something okay?

Today, the TWIG’s Iron Legion dons their armors in this July TOPIC show, for Marvel’s Ironman!!
We invade Stark Enterprises and talk everything from some of his more famous storylines to the modern interpretation of the character on film. Birdman, Laidman, Uneven Flow and TFG1 go thru the history of the golden Avenger and bring him to you the loyal TWIG listeners! It’s an action packed show and its alot longer then we expected so be prepared for a LONG listen but it’s worth it to check out what secrets and other thoughts we steal from old Shellhead.
Also, TWIG would like to welcome one of our newest contributors to the show…..Voice actor Sean Schemmel (Best known for Goku on Dragonball Z) for a new segment called “Shooting the shit with Sean)
It’s a wild ride into the world of Sean and trust me, its a weird one from random Star Trek encounters to the thoughts on 3D and some stops in between!
Let’s fire up our own arc reactors and prepare to be fitted for our own Mark VI armors and take off with Ironman!

Check out Birdman’s Geek Fight card from Geek Fight

ALSO Do your game patriotic duty and vote for 8 Bit Mickey to be on SONY’s THE TESTER
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Special thanks to Marissa and Hasbro for their support of the show
We could not have done it without you, nor would Birdman have forgotten the Arc reactor was attached to his chest when going late night grocery shopping late night….

Special thanks to our special guests of the show
Sean Schemmel
Sean’s official Facebook Fan club
Professor Mark White from Ironman and Philosophy: A Stark reality
Ironman and Philosophy:A Stark reality

Items mentioned during the show of note

Rocket Boost Iron Man (VERY BAD ASS!)
Ironman Arc Reactor Chest piece
Ironman Deluxe Roleplay helmet
Ironman Repulsor roleplay
Ironman 1994 Animated series on DVD

TWIG would like to thank our Sponsors this season for their services
Console Repair guy.com

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Mike”The Birdman”Dodd
Mike “TFG1” Blanchard
Ryan “The Uneven flow” Merkley
Mike”Fist of justice”Laidman

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