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TWIG appearances-MGS Peace Walker Pre release podcast



Hideo Kojima’s amazing Metal Gear Solid series is a ground breaking video game that Birdman is absolutely in love with. Amanda Mack who is a MGS nut herself invited Birdman to come on her podcast to celebrate the newest entry into the series which is the psp exclusive Peace Walker. In this podcast, there is a round table of fans and voice actors like David Hayter talking about their roles….trust me…even The Philosophers don’t want you to know all cool stuff that you will hear in this podcast

Make sure you check out Amanda Mack’s work @
The Backroom
Be sure to check out Amanda’s radio drama…Metal Gear Solid:Cracks in the armor
Metal Gear Solid:Cracks in the armor
Birdman did the Promo which can be heard there as well 🙂

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