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TWIG Appearance-Big Bald Broadcast ep 149-Bleepless in Burbank

Birdman gets a chance to sit with the very awesome Kyle Hebert on his podcast, The Big Bald broadcast this week before he takes off to the great white to visit Mr & Mrs Birdman.

Here is the excerpt from the Big Bald Broadcast’s website episode description

This is the last episode before the proposed epicness of our 150th EPISODE, exciting isn’t it? Continuing in the rotation of guest hosts in the absence of Steve is Mike Dodd, geek, podcaster, and self proclaimed hardcore porn hound (that’s hardcore, porn hound, not a hound of the hardcore pr0n). Like a champion Mike comes out of the gate swinging and keeps Kyle on his toes while the two talk about Megan Fox’s sinking ship, the long dong of the FCC screwing the pooch that is your cable box, Terrence Howard remembering how to negotiate a contract and much much more!

Kick back and enjoy, the season is going to go out with a bang.

Be sure to check out the website of the Big Bald Broadcast with Voice actor Kyle Hebert aka Ryu
“The Big Bald Broadcast”

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