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TWiG After Dark – Ernest Goes to “CENSORED”

The lights have disappeared, and the moon shines bright in the sky. After a long hiatus the Thisweekingeek After Dark has returned. For the uninitiated Twig After Dark is a show that can go anywhere, and the topics can involve anything. There isn’t a rhyme or reason for most of avenues of conversation. Instead prepare to be baffled as the conversation somehow shifts focus from the new Ghostbusters trailer, and delves down the deep rabbit hole of “Worst locations Earnest could visit”.

If you’re a fan of TWIG but have always thought “Eh this show is too structured, and makes too much sense” then boy oh boy is TWIG After Dark the podcast for you. This episode focuses on being open to new ideas, and the way that love overpowers hate. That and….Ghost titties. Strap on your night vision goggles, and dare to be stupid because TWIG After Dark is about to begin.

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