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TWiG – 2007 Holiday Gift Guide

TWiG - 2007 Holiday Gift Guide

Well Happy Holidays to all our Geek friends!!!

Today we bring you our own 2007 Holiday Gift Guide, covering all the greatest DVD’s, Video Games, and Comics to give to the geek in your life!

So download and enjoy!

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Life Day Geeks:
Steve “Snowball” Saylor
Mike “The Birdman” Dodd

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Download TWiG-2007HolidayGiftGuide.mp3

Read more to see our picks and links

Our picks:

1) Heroes Season 1
2) Transformers HD-DVD
3) Hot Fuzz – 3 Disc Special Collector’s Edition
4) DragonballZ – Remastered 3 Seasons
5) Serenity Collector’s Edition

Honorable Mentions:
Masters of Horror Box Set

Video Games – All Consoles
1) Guitar Hero 3 – Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360
2) Halo 3 – Xbox 360
3) Call of Duty 4 – Xbox 360
4) Metroid Prim 3: Corruption – Nintendo Wii
5) NHL 2K8 – Xbox 360

Honorable Mentions:
Bioshock – Xbox 360
Wario Ware: Smooth Moves – Nintendo Wii
Virtua Tennis 3 – Xbox 360

Comic Books:
1) Marvel Zombies: Army of Darkness
2) Civil War – Marvel
3) League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Black Dossier
4) Heroes Volume 1
5) Stephen King’s Dark Tower

Honorable Mentions:
Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy
Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Season 8 – The Long Way Home
Captain America Issue #25

Intern’s Pick:
DVD – 300
Video Game – Valve’s Orange Box

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