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The Pototype – E3 2017

Well another E3 is in the books and it’s time to break it down. Mike “The Birdman” Dodd and Alex “Big poppa Plump” sit down together and break down the events of last week. This year’s Electronic entertainment expo was open to the public but what did that mean for the big 3? Sony has VR, Nintendo has its Switch and Xbox has its project Scorpio unveiling. Games and controversy and some surprisingly good efforts from indie developers are what’s in store for you.
Birdman and Alex give you thier grades and analysis of the conferences and their games of show.



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Mike “The Birdman” Dodd

Alex “GravyMoose” Ricci

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  • Jake Salo

    Pretty good discussion overall. I’m actually pretty excited for the Samus Returns remake since it’s going to be cool to see an official Nintendo one and the new God of War looks absolutely amazing as well. I’m also really hyped for the XCOM 2 expansion War of the Chosen. My biggest surprise was probably the MarioXRabbids game. It actually looks pretty fun and challenging.

    However, I really didn’t like Alex’s dig at the Monster Hunter series, especially using a pretty derogatory term like that. If you don’t like a series that’s fine but don’t insult people who do like it by also demeaning people who are autisticor have asperger’s. That’s not cool.

    • Alex Ricci

      Hey Jake,

      Just thought I’d chime in. My intent wasn’t to offend anyone and if I irked you sorry about that. Please take everything with a grain of salt. Its all meant in jest and no ill intent.

      We are living in a world where everyone is constantly walking on eggshells in fear that what they say will be blown up out of proportion and I’m not someone that censors what I say and it can come off as abrasive at times.

      I do still think the monster hunter series is a complete waste of time and will only appeal to only the most die hard and compulsive of gamers but there’s a niche for that 🙂

      I’ll definitely keep what you said in mind.

      I’m happy you enjoyed the discussion and sincerely thank you for the feedback!

      • Jake Salo

        Hey, it’s cool, man. Honestly, this was the first time I had heard you on a podcast ever (I didn’t listen to the Andromeda one since I was still playing it at the time and didn’t want to get accidentally spoiled) and I do understand that now that it’s how you are and with not censoring yourself.

        Honestly, I was really worried you were going to blow up at me or something for my comment but I’m glad you are willing to have some dialogue here so that’s pretty cool of you and I’m glad there wasn’t any ill intent behind your words. 🙂

        Also, no worries on the Monster Hunter series since it is a pretty daunting series to get into and it’s certainly not for everyone. I would never want to force my likes on anyone else since I think that’s a pretty awful thing to do to someone. ^^ Like what ya’ like and don’t worry about what other people think.

        You’re welcome. ^^ Keep on keeping on.