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RAD episode: Halo 5: Guardians

Spartans of Fireteam TWIG, this is Commander Dodd. The UNSC brass has asked something pretty big of us..bring in the Master Chief for questioning and Spartan Locke of Fireteam Osiris. So whose with me?

In this edition of RAD, we bring you a review thats more or less been in the works for a little over a week. Mike “The Birdman” Dodd joins the UNSC that is hunting down the remnants of the Covenant still loyal Jul ‘Mdama and then…something happens that no one quite expects and it leads to a chase across the galaxy and the Master Chief on the wrong side of the gun. Halo 5 continues the story of the Master Chief but also introduces to new Spartans and even some fan favorites making a return. A new multiplayer suite and even some microtransctions have invade this franchise but is it for the better?

Mike also shares his thoughts on the collectors edition of this game from the statue to the limited edition goodies inside.

Put on your MJOLNIR class assault armor and get to your drop pods….
Is this game a worthy successor to the Halo story or is it simply milking the franchise we should have left back in 2007?

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