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RAD – EP 01 – Mass Effect Andromeda

Accessing cryo statis pod: Mike “Birdman” Dodd Awakening for review on Mass Effect: Andromeda on the Xbox One. Mike returns to RAD to give his review / impressions of the latest entry into the long running Mass Effect series. A new galaxy of adventure and danger awaits the newly formed Andromeda initiative as they search for a new home for humanity. It’s been 600 years we last saw Commander Shepard and it’s a new hero in Sara or Scott Ryder as “The Pathfinder” Birdman relays his review across dark space so we apologize for some of the audio quality issues. You can never rely on Mass relays nowadays can you? Will this far away galaxy be our new home or should maybe have stayed home with Commander Shepard? We also give you details on the contest we are running! See Below for the info! Grab those Fight Sticks and come join Birdman on Review a Day!


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