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R.A.D. Promo Episode #1-Saturday Morning Cartoons 1980’s

Pre release Promo episode #01

Saturday Morning Cartoons 1980's

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Welcome to the first official pre release episode of Review a day.ca!
Birdman has decided to open up the promo cast with something that isn’t video games…but rather some awesome old 1980’s cartoons..some of which are based on video games!

Warner Brothers has released a collection of 11 classic 80’s toons from Mr T, Chuck Norris and even a toon based on the video game Dragon’s Lair and more. The 80’s were a golden age of animation that alot of the kids today have no idea of the wonders that emitted from that old CRT TV on a Saturday morning on our favorite network before the internet and DVD.
Join Birdman as he walks thru a trip down the memory lane of yore and grab your jammies and a bowl of cereal cause this is will be…..RAD!
See, get it? RAD….it’s slang…and a pun on Review a day?
Ah, never mind

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Special thanks to Warner Brothers!

Music: Perpetual Emotion Machine

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