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Nerd News Network episode 74

9 years of TWiG?!?!?!!

Welcome back to This week in geek’s NERD NEWS NETWORK! We bring you the latest and oddest news from the around the world of geek, dork and dweeb..or aka the cool kids.
Mike “The Birdman” Dodd delivers up what has happened on the big blue marble called Earth. We have stories talking about a recent bizarre decision mash up of DC & Hanna Barbera,a robbery of Magic:the gathering cards,the new Star Wars:Battlefront DLC’s details and finally the CIA’s recently declassified UFO documents.
We also bring you a couple of reviews that will either please or displease your ears and eyes.

Birdman reviews
Review begins at 22:30
Aftershokz Gamez: Bone Conducting Headphones

Movie review begins at: 27:00
The 33 Blu Ray

Links on this week’s show
CIA’s X Files

Magic thieves steal 75,000 of cards

DC meets Hanna Barbera…


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