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Nerd News Network EP 25 – OMG ALEX IN CONTROL?!?

Hello and welcome….err no wait….Hey guys what’s going on?….no that’s not it either…. ‘Sup TWIGGIES? No its not TFG1…No its not Birdman….Its Alex here.I’ve taken over THE NERD NEWS NETWORK for the time-being in what could only be described as a temporary invasion of the deliciously decadent and sexual kind.

Why you ask? Well to find out and hear more about Final Fantasy, Stan Lee, King Of The Hill, an in-depth discussion about online bullying/accountability and more you’ll have to subscribe/download this exiting bizarro uber-Canadian edition of THIS WEEK IN GEEK’S NERD NEWS NETWORK! Get your ear-holes ready boys and girls…audible chocolate begins now!

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TFg1Mike has been podcasting for 9 Years! Can you believe it?? Nearly a decade of The Fucking Great 1!!! Mike enjoys talking about what he loves with his friends, and giving you great content!

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