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Movie Madness Episode 19: Return to Oz


Movie Madness welcomes you back to the wonderful, but often horrifying world of Oz one more time as your hosts David “Double D” Denis, Andrew “Randrew” Roebuck and Scott Bordas 11.0 take you back to what’s left of the yellow brick road. This week we’re looking at Disney’s little-known, oft-maligned, but sometimes adored 1985 cult-classic Return to Oz, also known as the most disturbing kid’s film ever made, but don’t just read this post. Listen to the episode to find out just how disturbing it really is. And when you’re done listening, send us some feedback or movie requests at feedback@thisweekingeek.net, subject line: Movie Madness or leave us a voice-mail at 817-717-7202. Maybe tell us if you saw Return to Oz as a child and the effect it had on you.

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“Movie Madness Episode 19: Return to Oz”

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