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Birdman’s appearance on Thatguywiththeglasses.com TRANSMISSION AWESOME!

Hey guys!
Birdman checking in from my mini vacation!
Here is an appearance I did a few weeks ago on Thatguywiththeglasses.com
It was a fantastically fun time to be involved with this show and I received alot of positive feedback on it as well.
I sincerely hope to be back on the show sometime soon in the future!

Download the ep here
click here to download

Infact email
If you want to see me make a return or perhaps to see TWIG and TGWTG work more closely together!

Here is an excerpt from their site on the episode which can be found here The source link of Transmission Awesome

This week on Transmission Awesome the Boyz discuss:
– Mike Dodd! He hosts this Week in Geek and joins us for a cross podcast spectacular!
– Movie Time! There’s been controversy on the site regarding Scott Pilgrim and the Expendables!
– Awesome Blog of the Week!
– Awesome Blog of the Week!
– … and much more on this geeky edition of Transmission Awesome!

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