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TWIG Fan DVD Commentary- The Empire Strikes back!

TWIG - Fan DVD Commentaries - Empire Strikes Back!

Luke….I am your father!
TWIG celebrates the 30th anniversary of George Lucas’s master piece, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back!

The words that changed a generation of geeks back on May 21 1980 were spoken and our perception of Star Wars changed forever! Join Birdman and Double D as they experience one of the greatest movies ever made and what many people considered to be the best of the Star Wars Films. They talk about the work that went into expanded universe of Star Wars and Mike chats about props and other little things you may not have noticed when watching ESB the first time around.
Grab your X Wing and head to the Dagobah system and be trained by a pair of Jedi knights who serve the TWIG ARMY

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David “Double D” Denis
Mike”The Birdman”Dodd

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  • So which is the best DVD version to get the Gold or the Silver? I’m not really interested in waiting 4 Blu Ray.

  • You pose and interesting riddle, TFG1. The truth is… BOTH?

    Really! There’s a silver edition and a gold edition, but what these actually mean have more to do with when the were released. The silver edition is from the widescreen box set that came out in 2004. The gold edition is the widescreen edition that came out later with a bonus disc.

    Incidentally, there’s also a gold edition box set WHICH YOU SHOULD AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE, because it’s full screen. Likewise, if you see any blue edition, that’s also the later edition in full screen.

    So, the color doesn’t matter so much. Just make sure you’re buying widescreen. On the other hand, if you want all of your Star Wars DVDs to match, then you should definitely go gold.

  • Mike… Dave… The only reason that Empire is the best movie of the original trilogy is because Lucas didn’t direct it. He’s a TERRIBLE director, and I think that even shows in A New Hope.

    The first Star Wars film from 1977 is so slow and weighed down by nattering chatter, just like the prequels. And he doesn’t know how to flesh out characters. It took Irvin Kirshner to do that in Empire.

    I barely count Empire as a Lucas movie, because it’s so much more Kirshner’s movie. He took Lucas’ concept and gave it so much character.

    In fact, I don’t think you could even say that George Lucas ever lost his mind, because I don’t think he was ever all there to begin with!

  • OH!

    The real reason that the Emperor’s credit is wrong at the end of the movie is because George Lucas didn’t change the credit roll from the 1997 version. So, instead of crediting Ian McDiarmid, it credits Clive Revill, the voice of the monkey Emperor, instead. Likewise, Temuera Morrison is uncredited for redubbing Boba Fett (which I agree should never have happened!).

    Double D had some weird explanation, and I’m pretty sure that’s not true. I’ve never heard that before.

    One more thing. Clive Revill was also the voice of Insecticon Kickback on the original Transformers TV series and movie.

    “Delicious! Eh, Shrapnel?”

    C’mon guys. Where’s your geek cred? I expected you to call that out the moment you saw that on screen.