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TWIG-Fan DVD commentary-Batman Forever

TWIG - Fan DVD Commentaries - Batman Forever

Its the weekend again….you know that means!
Rockstars, Cheetos and being lonely…oh so very lonely…NAH! You got the goddamn BATMAN!
Strap yourselves for yet another slam bam commentary from the TWIG boys as they delve into the depths of Joel Schumacher’s madness and the beginning of the end of the Batman franchise

The Riddler…well if you want to call him or Jim Carrey acting like an idiot and Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face….once again if you want to call him that. However this movie isn’t all bad because Val Kilmer and Nicole Kidman are here two and give this film some depth. This is Double D’s Favorite and was Birdman’s least favorite and this second viewing, changed his mind!

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Mike “The Birdman” Dodd
David “Double D” Denis
Pierce “The Punk” Derks

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