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TWiG – Fan DVD Commentary – Twilight

TWiG-Fan DVD Commentary - Twilight

Oh, this ain’t yo momma’s Fan DVD Commentary. Oh no sir/ma’am. See normally we here at TWiG have generally a geeky admiration for the movies we record Commentaries for; however you ever want to know what we would do if we hated the movie? This is your chance. This Fan DVD Commentary is not for the faint of heart or sparkles, this is the commentary for the newly released film on DVD, Twilight.

We apologize to all the Twilight fans who are out there, but this is for those of us “who just don’t understand”

Of course WE normally would RECOMMEND watching the movie first then watch along with this track. However, we think our Commentary adds to the noise that is Twilight without seeing it first. If you still would like to purchase the DVD click on our Amazon.com link.

Twilight (Two-Disc Special Edition)

So download and enjoy….at your own peril!

Mike “The Birdman” Dodd
Pierce “The Punk” Derks
Stefan “The Skunk” Pelletier

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