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TWiG-Fan DVD Commentary – Starship Troopers

TWiG-Fan DVD Commentary - Starship Troopers

That’s right folks, you read that right, one of the most requested shows on TWiG is back with a vengeance! TWiG Fan DVD Commentaries! Now if you are new to Fan DVD Commentaries, what we do is we as the fans sit down and watch a movie and then talk about it. We help you sync up the audio if you would like to listen to this commentary while watching your own version of the movie we watch. Now granted, these are not official commentaries, nor are any copyright infringements are intended.

These commentaries are a tad bit different than our usual commentaries, this starts the regular (hopefully weekly) Humber Edition commentaries with a brand new cast! Today we introduce Brennon, Ryan, and Aleida to the TWiG family, so be nice. 🙂

This week’s movie is Starship Troopers starring Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards, and Neil Patrick Harris as well as directed by Robocop director Paul Verhoeven. This movie has humans of a fascistic, militaristic future battle with giant alien bugs in a fight for survival.

Of course WE RECOMMEND watching the movie first then watch along with this track. If you would like to purchase the DVD click on our Amazon.com link.

So download and enjoy!

Steve “Snowball” Saylor
Brennon “The Token” Thompson
Ryan McLeod
Aleida Conradson

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