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TWIG DVD Commentaries-Ghostbusters (The Non Sucking edition)

TWIG - Fan DVD Commentaries -Ghostbusters

Sometimes at TWIG, we make mistakes….and sometimes we make mistakes trying to get laid…and sometimes we correct those mistakes!
Today at TWIG,we’d like you to wash the taste of our last Ghostbusters commentary out of your mouth and try this new and improved Ghostbusters commentary with some of the TWIG originals!
Thats right guys! Forget the Humber edition of this commentary (Snowball apologizes…and did not get with the girl either but next time Gadget, next time) and we present to you something Bigger, better and with more spooky fun!

We bring back Steve “Snowball”Saylor and even one of the people that has come back into the TWIG folder, the exile has returned Brandon “Macguyver”Chambers!
The nerds take on Gozer and his evil forces alongside with Dr. Venkman,Stanz,Spengler, and Zeddmore with some unlicensed nuclear accelerators strapped to their backs! We share with some one our Halloween themed commentaries and take on the original comedy that proves Bustin’ makes ya feel good!
So check the PKE energy readings and grab your copy of Tobin’s spirit guide and finally ask yourself…

Who ya gonna call?

TWIG!…..or Ghostbusters! maybe both, why not!

Steve “Snowball”Saylor
Brandon “Macguyver” Chambers
Mike”The Birdman”Dodd

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