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Botched roll episode 2-A conversation with Kevin Siembieda

Ever wanted to fight a Coalition glitterboy juicer vampire flying a Veritech with a ninja turtle co pilot?
Did I just blow your mind?
Its ok, I’ll wait for you to scoop your brains up

In this episode of Botched roll, we join Mike “The Birdman” Dodd with his special guest, president of Palladium books Kevin Siembieda. We take a seat by the dimensional rift and listen as Kevin spins tales of early gaming in the 80s and the Detroit gaming scene and how it all evolved out of a scary neighborhood. Kevin lets the secrets spill of Rifts,Robotechnology and zombies and so much more.
So escape into this RIFT and join Birdman and Kevin for another BOTCHED ROLL!

Birdman’s recommendations for Rifts / Palladium

Rifts Ultimate edition core book

Rifts GM Guide

Dead Reign core book

Robotech RPG product line

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