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Nerd News Network EP 30 – LIVE FROM CHICAGO it’s TFG1Mike!

TFG1MIKE is bbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkk!!! This week BirdmanDodd leads the charge as he, TFG1Mike, GravyMoose Alex, and Mr. just another pop tart Tristan catch up!  We talk TV, Movies, video games, and so much more! On this the ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT NERD NEWS NETWORK from THIS WEEK IN GEEK!! 

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Discovery Recovery?, Twitter Conversations & Reviewing ‘Lethe’

On this episode of “Future Imperfect,” Admiral Phillips discusses the latest gripes and things that could have been better explained in Discovery but also brining the fact that it could be recovering despite it all. Followed by a discussion on twitter conversations that took place this weekend on the canon …

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