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Nerd to the Third Power Ep 254: Revenge of the Mailbag!

This week, we take it easy and answer your questions! What kind of game collector does Dr. Gonzo DESPISE? What does Cat think of anime re-edits? WHY IS THERE A MONKEY WEARING A HAT?! All these questions and more! (Well, maybe not that monkey thing). WEBSITE: ASK A GEEK! …

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TWIG Classic – New Prototype Episode 004

Join us for a look down memory lane at a classic episode from ThisWeekInGeek’s past! “In today’s special episode we welcome back to the show…Handsome Tom! The Gameheroes retired without warning last October and left us wanting to know what happened with the site and it’s crew. We get those …

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Nerd to the Third Power E3 2019 Blowout!

E3 has come and gone, and now that our hangovers have cleared, Dr. Gonzo and Skyblaze talk about the best and worst of E3 2019! What game had Gonzo so excited he TORE HIS SHIRT IN HALF? WEBSITE: ASK A GEEK! Email questions to FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: …

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