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Cutting the Cord on Cable, Challenges in Parenting, and Fall TV

On “Altered Geek,” Steve breaks down the latest changes he’s had as a parent. Additionally explaining how difficult it is for change. Some of the topics range from Cord Cutting and what the recent cancellations mean, Steve’s Ala Carte concept he had years ago, Seth MacFarlane’s concept of making Sci-Fi …

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Nerd News Network EP 25 – OMG ALEX IN CONTROL?!?

Hello and welcome….err no wait….Hey guys what’s going on?….no that’s not it either…. ‘Sup TWIGGIES? No its not TFG1…No its not Birdman….Its Alex here.I’ve taken over THE NERD NEWS NETWORK for the time-being in what could only be described as a temporary invasion of the deliciously decadent and sexual kind. …

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Nerd News Network EP 24 – BMD1981 – TasYerNuts

THE NERD NEWS NETWORK NOW WITH EVEN MOOOOORE NICKELBACK!!! It “Must Be Nice” for you all to listen to us and that awesome rock band!!! TFG1Mike takes the lead as he is joined by the GravyMoose Alex and Mr. Tristifer!  We talk TV, Movies, Video Games, Music, and so much more! On …

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