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RAD Episode 1-New Super Mario Brothers DS

Well guys…it’s finally here! Launch day for Review a! Super excited for this to finally come to pass! Today we’ll be looking at New Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo DS. This is a game that I didn’t give a chance back when it first came out but its …

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TWIG-Nerd News Network-Special Report with Mike Blanchard

We dedicated this special mini episode of Nerd News to those we have lost recently. You have all passed on but you shall not be forgotten….RIP to those we have lost in the Geek world, Gary, Dennis and Stephen,Peter… They now join that other great geek ghosts in the hereafter …

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TWIG FAN DVD Hiatus commentary-Nightmare on elm Street

One, two….Freddy’s coming for you… Three, Four, better lock your door…. Five, six…uhhh….something, something Well you get the idea, TWIG sits down with Wes Craven’s classic 1984 slasher horror movie, Nightmare on Elm Street! Birdman, Double D and Laidman experience the terror of Springwood as well as what made this …

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