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The Untitled Mike & Laura Project Episode 21

Mike & Laura look back at the year that was, 2011! What in thier opinion was the best game? The Best Movie? Best Comic Book? The list is all here. Struggle with Laura as she deals with the second MGS Quiz. Does she do as good as last time? No. …

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TWIG Nerd News Network – Week of December 12th

2011 Winds down here on the nerd news. Join Birdman and TFG1 as they read a fan letter. Then we get into topics that were big to us in 2011. We also briefly talk about SOPA Check out Mr. Awesome Goes to Washington !!! We here at TWIG hope everyone has a …

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The Untitled Mike & Laura Project Episode 20

Kept you waiting huh? On this week’s show we go back to Shadow Moses with Mike and Laura with part 2 of our discussion of the Metal Gear Solid saga. This time we look at the oft ignored Gameboy Metal Gear game, Mike attempts to keep the many many many …

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