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What We Watched- DINO SQUAD

Well, its another Saturday morning on ThisWeekinGeek.net, so that means its time for another episode of What We Watched, the show that beats your nostalgia about like a pinata until memories of the glorious days of saturday morning animation fall out!

…well except today. Today I’m getting a bit negative. You see, friends, the other day I sat down and watched this…show. I screamed at my television. It may be one of the worst cartoons I have ever watched. I can at least attach nostalgia to shows like Turbo Teen and even Rubik, the Amazing Cube. This one? Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zippo. Zilch.

This show is called Dino Squad. And it is an example of what happens when a show does everything wrong. EVERYTHING. You know that “You had ONE job” meme? That’s what this show is. You could just post that across the front of every episode of Dino Squad and it would be an accurate depiction of the average level of fail in the episode. Anyway, here’s the review. Enjoy.

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