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What We Watched- BEETLEJUICE

Whoops! Looks like I missed my Saturday update. Bugger.

Well, friends, its time for another look into the past of What We Watched. Interestingly, however, this is fortuitous because the show I’m going to introduce you to today was originally aired on Sunday mornings. At least where I grew up.

Of all the movies to be adapted into cartoons, one of the least likely would certainly be Beetlejuice. Lets see…it involves the Maitlands, a married couple, dying in a car accident and being stuck in a perverse and grotesque netherworld while they try to convince Winona ryder and her family to get the hell out of their house. It also involves Beetlejuice trying to force himself on the dear Ms. Ryder’s character, Lydia…if you know what I mean.

So OF COURSE it was adapted into a children’s cartoon where Beetlejuice (…dreadfully referred to often as “BJ”) and Lydia are best friends and the Maitlands are nowhere to be seen. And puns. LOTS of puns. So strap on your crash helmets and get ready to travel to the Neitherworld with the Ghost with the Most…cuz here comes BEETLEJUICE!

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