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What We Watched- AEON FLUX

Aeon Flux


Greetings, kiddies! Its your new best friend, Derek the Bard, here to make my spectacular debut as part of the TWiG team! Under the imprint of Chasing the Muse, I produce shows reviewing the weirder aspects of literature, film, and animation.

What you are about to view is an episode of What We Watched, a show where I take a look at the cartoons that I watched growing up in the 80s and 90s. Do they live up to the fond nostalgic memories, or do have they fallen flat decades later? More importantly…just how WEIRD were they?  Because cartoons were freaking *WEIRD* back then.

Like this little gem. This one right here. A 1991 product of MTV’s Liquid Television, this piece of animated mayhem just kind of makes you scratch your head and ask “What the HELL were they thinking?”  Welcome to the edge of insanity. Welcome to the show I…just don’t get. Welcome to…AEON FLUX!


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