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TWIG Special Interview-Ty Templeton

The Fist of Justice sat down with Canadian Comics jack of all trades Ty Templeton to get some of his thoughts on a variety of topics. How’d his career get started and how do you juggle acting, music and comics at the same time? What’s it like to have gotten a dream job in comics by just waiting for the phone to ring? What is a hero and where can I get a car with an ejector seat? Are comics to violent today? Also as a special bonus, we take a look behind the scenes of the Amalgam Crossover of the mid 90s and how much fun it was to mash up some of the popular DC and Marvel characters including Ra‘s Al Ghul and Apocalypse!

So turn up your speakers and get ready to hear from the Ty the Guy himself, Ty Templeton.

Check out Ty’s official Website @

Mike “Fist of justice” Laidman
Ty Templeton

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