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TWiG Interview – Tony Amendola and Neil Grayston

The first Snowball solo episode!

A few weeks ago, Steve “Snowball” Saylor had a chance to go to Polaris 26, a Sci-Fi Con in Toronto.  During that time he got to sit down in a Press Conference with Stargate SG-1’s Tony Amendola who has also been in the movie Blow, The Mask of Zorro, on the show Once Upon A Time and Continuum; as well as Snowball got to talk to Neil Grayston who plays Douglas Fargo on Syfy’s Eurkea.  Take a listen as Steve, along with a few other geek reporters ask questions about their careers, thoughts on life and some fun hobbys they have.  Plus Snowball gives a bit of insight into how Canadian Press Conferences at conventions work.

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“TWIG Interviews-TonyAmendola & Neil Grayston”

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