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TWiG Interview- Tamitha Skov- Space weather & beyond

Do you what a CME is? Do you know what the Carrington event was?
In today’s special interview Mike “The Birdman: Dodd gets to talk with someone who sure knows their science! We are pleased to be talking to scientist Tamitha Skov, a space physicist who has chosen to focus on space weather and how it affects us here on Earth. We get all sorts of science up in this podcast but it also shows some of the importance of the events happening in our solar system.If you’ve ever looked up in the sky and wanted to know more then this is the podcast for you.
To infinity and beyond!

SciEandE.com: provides background info on her and research, as well as info on her studio, direct access to my her twitter feed and links to her videos.
www.youtube.com/user/SpWxfx/videos: is a direct link to the videos on her YT channel

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“TWiG Interview- Tamitha Skov- Space weather & beyond

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