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TWiG Interview – Andrew Huang “Songs To Wear Pants To”

Hey folks, Steve “Snowball” Saylor here. For a long time, I’ve been a “Cable Cutter”. What does that mean? Means I’ve been without a LIVE TV Cable connection for over 3 years. Why? Well because I watch a lot more original content online, mainly YouTube. YouTube has become my television. (It’s not to say I don’t watch TV, hint hint). A lot of great creators are on YouTube and putting out great original stuff. It ain’t just for cat videos anymore!

With that said, I’ve been wanting to talk to the content creators on YouTube that inspire me a lot. I was very lucky that my first Youtube Content Creator I got to talk to is Andrew Huang or as he’s known on YouTube “Songs To Wear Pants To” He’s a multi-talented musician from here in Toronto to whom in this interview you will hear how he got started in music, how he became musical pioneer on the Web and how he became a YouTuber.

You can check out Andrew’s work at: andrewismusic.com

You can check out a video I did inspired by one of his songs “1997” below:

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Andrew “Songs To Wear Pants To” Huang

Steve “Snowball” Saylor

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