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Random Odds-Interviews Mike “The Birdman”Dodd

It’s time to flip the microphone around Birdman!
In this special bit of content, Tony from Random Odds and Mel “The Office gamer girl” sit down with Birdman and discuss his career and involvement with things like Screwattack, Blistered Thumbs and how he got started in the world of radio.
Want to know what Birdman’s favorite game is? The Answer may surprise you!
Alot of good times and laughs to be had with this candid look behind TWIG’s main host and generally jolly fat guy!

Find more episodes of “Random Odds” on Blip TV which can be found

Thanks to Tony and Mel for a wonderful interview!

PLEASE support Birdman’s Charity efforts to play video games for 24 hours and raise some money for Children’s Hospitals via Extra Life
Please donate and help us make a difference for a Children’s Hospital
We will be Streaming the entire event as well!

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