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RAD special interview: A conversation with Greg Pabich

In today’s special TWiG and RAD interview we are pleased to speak with Greg Pabich, the man behind the recent Kickstarter involving Cheetahmen 2:The lost levels. The Kickstarter has not been without it’s detractors however and we ask Greg the tough questions that have arisen from the game playing community about costs, and even a law suit that has been brought up. We get the answers that people want and afterwards we do get a chance to sit down with Greg and learn more about him and his history with Cheetahmen 2.

More information on the Kickstarter can be found here
Cheetahmen 2 KickStarter

The Game Chasers video regarding the controversy

*Editors note*
This interview was conducted over two days and then cut together to avoid having 2 separate episodes.
Hopefully I don’t repeat myself too much

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RAD special interview: A conversation with Greg Pabich
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