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Report on: Toronto Fan Days Holiday Show

It used to be named the “December Toronto Anime Convention” called “D-Tac” by the attendees. It was very tiny and there was a separate event for comic stuff. Everybody expected when Informa turned Hobbystar into FanExpo HQ, that the winter convention would be forgotten. But it sticks around, and December 5th it was named the Toronto Fan Days: Holiday Show and held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Of course almost everybody still calls it D-Tac since this is the city that still calls the SkyDome the SkyDome.

For what feels like roughly half the attendees, it’s a last chance to cosplay, and thanks to unseasonably warm weather, all the Wrestlers were able to walk around with their guns out. And since it’s a holiday show, a lot of costumes had some extra red and white and mistletoe for that festive cheer that doesn’t make sense in any other month. All the costume diversity was there, from Princesses to Superheroes, nobody getting too stressed over the small details. Most impressive outfit has to be the tail on the Monster Musume cosplayer.

For the complete photo gallery, check out the Facebook Album for the event.

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Since it was a small convention, there were not big guests imported, instead it was all the regular artists and all the regular attendees. No crowd, no line, lots of community regulars who all know each other. And it’s a solid convention for younger attendees, kids 12 and under are free and there’s no crowd big enough to lose them in. This was closer to a picnic than a party, but it was too cold for ants. Also indoors.

Burning hot from the publishers, the Holiday Show was a first opportunity to pick up Hope L Nicholson’s new anthology book “The Secret Lives Of Geek Girls” with material from a plethora of talented female artists. Other news was a first whisper of a project from Mike Rooth and the reborn Ben Templesmith. While Scott Hepburn and Leonard Kirk shared their experiences on working on Marvel’s Drax and Squadron Supreme books.

tfdhs15-07 tfdhs15-08 tfdhs15-52 tfdhs15-39

A reasonable number of local vendors had the usual supply of back-issues, toys, Funko Pops, and those figures of sexy anime girls. “Forest City Coins” took care of all the need for back-issues of old comics. Custom Game Bits were selling their cool new “Tower Of Chairs” game. One fun coincidence was the official regional Yu-Gi-Oh tournament happening in the same convention center one floor up.

With Frostcon possibly dead, it’s nice that there’s winter events to go to. A few officially scheduled photo-shoots would have helped to pass the time a bit longer, but since admission was only $10 it was pretty quick to get your money’s worth. Now we can all go back to being excited for Star Wars Episode 7.

tfdhs15-63 tfdhs15-21 tfdhs15-57 tfdhs15-35

-Michael Ryan, December 10, 2015

And then I saw Spectre with my mom.

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