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Report On: Sub-Zero Rock

The cold weather of a Canadian winter pauses a lot of activities, but no wind stops gamers, and no snow stops music fans. So to start the year off in the best way, on January 9th The Blast Processors called a bunch of their musical compatriots and all their friends to a show at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. Sub-Zero Rock was a good reason to brave the cold for four hours of toasty tunes. $10 cover not bad.

Lee’s Palace is obviously notorious among the locals as one of the numerous bars Scott Pilgrim did battle in, in both the comics and movie. It’s a bit dingy but the stage visibility is good and drinks are reasonably priced. The Palace’s closeness to Bathurst Subway station is appreciated.

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Opening act was the imported Phonetic Hero to play some tunes. Not completely capitvating but his talent was evident and it was good music while everybody aquired their early drinks and picked their standing spots for the night. Next was another round of reverberating nostalgia from Epic Game Music who proved it was possible to play the guitar in gloves, he audio-kinetically moved the crowd around with the power of Earthbound.

Once the crowd was all rapt with attention, The Blast Processors descended onto the stage with their new drummer, new songs, and a few old songs (Last Stand of Ivo Robotnik) to benchmark how their music keeps developing. You might be wondering “Where is their old drummer?” and we can relax knowing that his departure from the band was due to medical reasons and not because of a struggle for creative control. Their music remains good food for anyone who can remember the era when Eternal Champions was a brand everybody knew.

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Finally, close to midnight, Internet Mastermind Random AKA Mega Ran claimed the stage as his own to both rap and relate, sharing a concise biography of how he started as a teacher trying to relate to kids, but made a career from his art-form. But he also touched on the subject of changing global culture and how nerd media is now becoming mainstream; we’re in a very fascinating time as cultural walls are being torn down (despite a certain tragic television show unintentionally keeping them built up).

Having shared in the experience, bought some drinks, grabbed some CDs and merchandise, the crowd of sexy fans and friends dispersed back around the world with ears still ringing. It was an evening which brings honour to the ways of Lin Keui and everybody eager to “hipster it up” at the next comparable event in Toronto should like all the acts on Facebook. Sub-Zero Rock wasn’t the most amazing show, but considering the colder-than-Mars weather, it means that once things in the city heat up, there’s going to be a lot of great sounds to enjoy this year.

Michael Ryan, January 11th 2015

Omg Mega-Ran liked my hat and pointed it out during his act woo!

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