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Report on Ontario Collectors Con

While this winter has had a lot of very cold days, the Ontario Collectors Con has a good number of vendors who won’t let cold weather stop them from dealing out every kind of collectible. The Ontario Collector’s Con (February 1st at the Delta Meadowvale) was nourishing toy collectors and it had enough other attractions to entertain anybody brought along. Even if you aren’t into buying a million toys you can still enjoy looking through hundreds bins of brightly coloured plastic, the delicate displays of custom models, meeting a few guests and enjoying the conversation. Maybe even win one of the valuable door prizes.

One plus of the Ontario Collectors Conventions is that many of the regular vendors like Tiberium Toys and Pyzon’s Playhouse are given the same location in the dealer’s room as other season shows in the same location, making it easy to find them to pick up any pre-orders they might have for you. It is a community of experienced vendors, and they make up a market for toys that both circumvents typical retail outlets and provides an after-market to keep used merchandise in the hands of people who need it. And there’s lots of other goodies and treats for anyone who don’t know how much they need a Randy Savage toy until they make eye contact with one. Ohh yeaah.

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There were a handful of familiar cosplayers, like Judge Brown who has been seen bringing justice all over the Mega City. Most of the city’s regular cosplayers were taking the sunday off after the saturday before where they learned the meaning of disappointment at Frostcon. One interesting attendee was the Brampton Beast, there to promote  “Comic Con” night on Febuary 20th. It’s a regular ECHL hockey game, but with attractions to appeal to geeks and nerds in an attempted to bridge a cultural gap between nerd media and spots entertainment. It’s an interesting concept and hopefully there will be more special nights from the Brampton Beast Hockey Club in the future.

Voice talent Ron Rubin was meeting fans and signing pictures. He’s known for loaning his voice to several very toyetic animated characters. In the earl nineties he provided the voice of “Artemis” on the television program “Sailor Moon” which was one of the major components in the cultural shift towards anime having a stranglehold on kids entertainment. Tragically he won’t be reprising his role for the upcoming translation of the Sailor Moon Crystals series, but that doesn’t diminish his place in cultural history since Crystals is merely echos of the magic of the original series. The other big guest was WWE Wrestler “Animal” who is clearly past his golden era, but still in shape enough that he entertained his fans of all ages and could have levelled anyone else at the show (if he wanted to).

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The Ontario Collectors Cons group, helmed by Colin Douglas, hold several shows every year in Meadowvale, more often than some Toy Stores get new inventory in. And the biggest of them being Canada’s Transformers convention, TFcon, July 17th to 19th which this year will feature the voice of the one true Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen. But for those who just want to buy a lot of toys, there’s the 80s Toy Expo on May 4th. And the world waits eagerly to see if this year will have a TFcon in the United States.

Michael S Ryan, February 15th 2015

Holy crap this article is late look the last two weeks have been pretty busy for me.

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