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Report on: GTA Comic Con 2015

Many people have a misconception that Burlington doesn’t count as part of the “GTA”, but it does, and so this year Burlington’s Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Centre hosted the second annual GTA Comic Con on April 12th, 2015. It was an ambitious mix of usual comic convention elements without any of the sense of corporate oversight that other conventions have. Having grown from the Burlington Toy Show, the convention’s roots are evident with the large number of regular toy dealers, so the best time is being had by anybody looking to pick up a random vintage Silverhawks figure or a lose Transformer. But on top of the regular dealer’s areas there was a very substantial number of other events.

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Q&A with guests like Gremlin’s Zach Galligan who was able to give good insight into his career as a young star of film. And “The Walking Dead” reoccurring zombie Chris Harrelson was happy to meet anyone with an interest in the undead. Fandom Musicals had a lot of fun laughs, and the bands, like the Blast Processors, all had welcoming tunes and attitude. The convention was no place for self-important Kanyes. And there weren’t even any lines for any event.

Aside from the toy collectors, the people having the next best time were the cosplayers who came out in impressive numbers showing a diverse range of costumes. Cosplay groups like the Toronto Geek Girls and Jenn Marvel. Netflix’s Daredevil show being so hot at the moment, at least one Daredevil was expected, and the convention delivered. During the super-casual contest, the characters interacted with each other and had more laughs than they can in the perceived high-pressure environment of the upcoming Anime North.

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As dealers packed up and everybody got ready for the after party, conflict Wrestling began their demonstration rumble, plenty of heavy impacts and endurance-testing grappling between the Wrestlers – more of an emphasis on the sport than in the comical modern sensation that is the WWE, but still a reasonable bundle of glamour and flourish to the performance for entertainment’s sake.

A general spoken consensus was that there was considerable organizational problems with this convention – the artist alley was in the shadow of the music stage where talented musicians played fun tunes, but acoustics were detrimental to vending. The events in the back hall were easy to overlook, and the schedule should have been more visible. Having a program sheet would have helped present structure to all this covention’s bells and whistles.

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The convention had a reasonable amount of energy, although a very disorganized energy – but that’s still better than a properly organized convention that’s totally asleep. I’m sure the organizers are going to learn from their mistakes.And between all the events it was another fun chance to see a lot of my friends and associates in the industry of nerd-dom. The kind of people who understand that the upcoming Star Wars day is a genuine call for celebration.

-Michael Ryan, April 15th, 2015

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