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Report On: Burlington Toy Show

Having been running for over 12 years now, the Burlington Toy Show at the Holiday In Hotel and Conference Centre once again pulled together the network of vendors and collectors and their kids. Maybe the chance to spend your Christmas money. Or sell off last year’s Christmas Presents. The best place to buy toys; since many local distributors still haven’t yet stocked their 2015 line-up and here all the dealers love what they’re doing.

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Two rooms and a hallway of vendors set up to sell plenty of action figures. High shelves showing off fancy imports and a few San Diego exclusives, and under the tables were bins of discounted figures missing their limbs. And between the toys there were a lot of other unearthed novelties like one table with some Laserdiscs for sale and an amazing doll of Joey Russo from the 90’s “Blossom” show. If you want to find some fellow Nerf enthusiast, this is where you can be sure to find one.

A lot of the chatter was the discussion of 2015’s upcoming shows. The Burlington Toy Show’s organizers, Renegade Promotions, will be holding the second annual GTA Comic-con in the same venue, on April 12th this year. The GTA Comic-con will have more guests, and use more of the hotel’s facilities, like ConBravo memorably did in 2011 and 2012, and be a big step up from last year’s GTA Comic-Con.

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A nice benefit of having additional space means the costume contest won’t be stuck to being held in the hallway like it was at this year’s Burlington Toy Show. That location worked for the handful of cosplayers this time, but if the number were in the double-digits it would be an issue. This show’s most notable cosplayer was clearly the adorable droid.

The winter Burlington Toy Show of 2014 was sleepy fun to pass the time. This year’s show was completely awake and definitely wroth the drive. (Although it helps the weather was a lot easier to deal with this year). A lot of the usual vendors and collectors showed up enhance or reduce their toy collections, spend the leftover Christmas money, and see the toy fan community in action.

-Michael S Ryan

January 20th, 2015

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