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Being Geek opens in Oakville

When Comic Connection Oakville moved from Kerr St. to Speers, it left nerds void in the down-town area Now roughly two years later, the new store “Being Geek” opened on October 15th, to bring back affection for, Superheroes, Dr. Who, and any other piece of nerd fandom. Located just a from the Tae Kwon Do academy, it’s a welcome new store that has the potential to become a neighbourhood fixture.

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The owners, themselves fans of the material they vend, see owing their emporium as the natural extension of their interest in nerdy media and plan to deliver the most friendly and welcoming customer service possible, with genuine enthusiasm and none of the smugness that often plagues the geek community. The store’s atmosphere is colourful, but not suffocating.

While right now the store is still building up the inventory, unlike Comic Connection which releases a constant stream of new comics and cards to keep the addicted satiated, Being Geek’s set-up is made to attract the regular pedestrians casually looking for fun odds and ends. What they have now is indicative of the variety of merchandise to come, and there’s a lot of products for sale that would make for good stocking-suffers for the upcoming holiday season.

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Kerr St. has a reputation as being the poorer shadow of down-town Oakville. But stores like Being Geek are helping to gradually make Kerr St. nicer area. Anything that’s not another bong shop or Money Mart is an improvement. When the very large Rain Condominiums open a lot, there will be a wave of families who will appreciate the store being in walking distance. But for now, any nerds in the area should make a point to stop by, look at what’s for sale, pet a Dalek, and take home some Cards Against Humanity.

-Michael Ryan

I really should have done an article on Archie’s Ice Cream and Jellybean :/

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