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Report on: Action Figure Expo 12

The 12th Annnual Action Figure Expo called Toronto’s toy community back to the Delta Meadowvale to buy and sell relics from the attic, imports from Japan, and any other kind of figure that is made to be played with. Lose, mint, discounted, or customized. A couple Superheroes were there, and few Imperial Storm Troopers, and some Ghostbusters prowling around. They come from toyetic brands, and this is where the crowd appreciates them.

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Rocky Johnson isn’t aa household name like his son, so there weren’t long lines to meet him. But soon his biographical movie will share his story in the world of Wrestling and giving a sense of cultural context for his journey. And also there signing comics and sketching characters was Larry Hama [3 above], who has written G.I.Joe since 1902 and will continue to write it until the end of time. The lines for both guests were short and they were friendly and answered any questions about their long-lasting careers.

One surprise of the event was the show début of the large diorama backgrounds being sold by Toy Stages. Distinctly themed to match with major toy-lines, although lacking specific branding to make them more versatile (and also skirt legal issues). They’re a bit on the expensive side, but they’re cheaper than buying a full toy rooftop for your Ninja Turtles and Batman to fight on.

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These small expos are somewhat routine to “Ontario Collectors Conventions” group, but near the end of October they’re going to try their first TFcon Chicago. The northeast United States has been without a Transformer convention for over 5 years now. Since Colin Douglas and his crew have the experience they need, the online Transformers community is confident it’s going to be a great show.

If you have a bit of spare money, spare shelf space, and don’t want the hassle of the anime fandom. The Action Figure Expo is a good way to kill some time on a Sunday and meet other people who appreciate the playthings of an era before video-games were all kids cared about.

-Mafexpo14-019ichael S Ryan October 2rd 2014

and man, going to Jemcon instead would have been waaaay too expensive for me.

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