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Published on July 7th, 2010 | by TWiG Crew


TWIG Special Interview-Metal Gear Solid’s Christoper Randolpha aka Otacon

TWIG Interviews Otacon

It’s July so it’s METAL GEAR SOLID MONTH here on TWIG!
Today, Birdman sits down with a fellow voice actor and talks about what it takes to bring a character to life.Christoper Randolph is the voice behind Hal “Otacon” Emmerich and the pair get together and talk about Christopher’s past and how he got involved in the franchise and so much more. Birdman and Randolph really dig into the philosophy of the Metal Gear franchise and how Otacon fits into its narrative and morality of Hideo Kojima’s world of walking nuclear tanks and the meaning of existence itself,etc
Trust me, its intense and well worth a listen!
So turn your codec to frequency, This Week in Geek and lets begin operation “TWIG MGS”

Christopher “Otacon” Randolph
Mike”The Birdman”Dodd

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  • Vincent

    hey i dont want chistopher leave. mgs rising he should be in mgs rising

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