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Published on March 4th, 2009 | by TWiG Crew


TWiG-Robot Chicken and Greg The Bunny’s Dan Milano Special Interview

TWiG-Robot Chicken and Greg the Bunny's Dan Milano Special Interview

danmilanoThis week, Mike sits down with a fellow geek fanboy as well as creator of some of the geekdom that we all know and love including creator and voice of Greg The Bunny, and also a writer over at Robot Chicken! Mike and Dan talks about Dan’s career, his love for puppets and Skeletor? Tune in to find out.

So download and enjoy!

Mike “The Birdman” Dodd

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4 Responses to TWiG-Robot Chicken and Greg The Bunny’s Dan Milano Special Interview

  1. Todd Meek says:

    That was interesting, I never heard of Greg the Bunny before. I looked up some clips, man I fuckin love Wumpus. He’s like the nicest crack addict puppet I ever did see!

  2. great interview Mike
    i used to watch Greg the Bunny back when it was on Fox
    and I’m a big fan of Robot Chicken
    please try to get an interview with Seth Green

  3. Todd Meek says:

    @Clark Pullman

    I second that action! That would be bitchin!

  4. The Steve says:

    Never seen Greg the Bunny but I have seen Robot Chicken and love that show.

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