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TWIG Topic Show-Forgotten Toys Episode 83

Join the Birdman, TFG1Mike and Spada the BaltMatrix as they delve deep into the 1980s to dredge up some memories and facts about several forgotten toys lines and the shows of our childhoods. Follow along as our entrapped tiro discuss the engineering marvel that is Thunderhawk, the flying Camero. Revel in their glory as they embark on a discussion about an entire toy line of super shiny Silverhawks and the zaniness of Captain Power and his bang of merry men. And be amazed as the Birdman himself hunts down a giant cyber moose. All this and more are contained within the first topic of of 2011. Hit play now for the fun!

Franchises discussed


Captain Power and the Soldiers of the future


McDonalds Food changers


Battle Beasts

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Vitural Toy Chest

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    First of all, before I say anything else, Laidman gets the gold star for giving a shout-out to the USA Cartoon Express. When you guys do a show about the USA Cartoon Express, you have to include the audio of the most immediately recognizable commercial that they ever ran for it. “On with the hootenanny!” You know the one.

    MASK is a weird one for me, personally, because I remember it as being around the same time as the Transformers… maybe a little bit before, but I have virtually no memory of the cartoon. And I know I used to watch it. Never had the toys, though.

    Strangely, I have better memories of Battle Beasts, which only had that commercial run. Never had the toys. I’m shocked to hear that they had several runs, because the commercials didn’t run very long. But I loved those commercials, because they were absolutely ridiculous, and they featured Michael Bell. “FIYAH!!” “WAHTAH!!! WAHTAH PUTS OUT FIYAH!!!”

    I have vague memories of the Police Academy toys. Again, for some odd reason, the most vivid memory I have of it is the fact that Captain Harris was a mail-away figure.

    Silverhawks only got one season, but fortunately, this was back in the 80s, when being syndicated meant that you got the 65-episode UBER season, so we got a lot of Silverhawks for just one season. If it was a Saturday morning cartoon, you’d only get like one fifth of that.

    Oh man. I forgot about the Silverhawks theme song. That kind of gives the Pole Position cartoon’s theme a run for its money. …NAH! The Pole Position theme song is still superior.

    That gold plastic just pisses me off, though. I had a complete Monstructor from the later Transformers Pretenders line, and one of his arms had that infamous gold plastic. It disintegrated in my hands as I removed it from an old box a couple years ago.

    I’ve got an obscure toy from the 80s that you guys didn’t mention on the show. Computer Warriors. It was made by Mattel and came at the tail end of the Transformers wave. It was most noteworthy for having a transforming Pepsi can.

    Well, that’s all I have. YOU HAVE BEEN JUDGED!

  • umm Laidman aint on this episode I mentioned USA Cartoon Express

  • ARRRGGHHH!!! DAMN IT! Other than Mike Dodd, whose voice is unmistakable, I can’t keep you guys straight. I keep thinking your voice is Laidman, for some reason. I even checked the show notes, and I still did it!!

    Well, still… Good reference, La… Blanchard.

  • Surprised you guys didn’t mention the Visionaries or the Inhuman oids. Those were some great toys from back then! (Along with many others of course)

  • yeah we would have kev if we had thought of it. Then again I never had either of those toy franchises as a kid.

  • No love for “The Centurions”, “Visionaries” or even “Sectaurs”?! FOR SHAME!!! *waggles finger to emphasize his point*

  • Dino Riders.

  • Again JT and Neil…. we were picking forgotten toys that most of us either had or remembered. While those suggestions I do remember I never actually had any of them. I can’t speak for the other guys though.

  • Hells yeah, Neil, “Dino-Riders” rule!