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Published on May 8th, 2011 | by tfg1mike


TWIG Nerd News Network – Week of May 2nd

The Terrible Trio is what you get on this weeks nerd news. TFG1Mike, ScottyDoo, and Birdman join forces to bring you all the nerd and WEIRD news you need. While everyone else is off celebrating mothers day these geeks are talking about tons of nerdist things. Like mattel’s SDCC 2011 exclusives, a woman selling suicide kits, asteroids flying between the earth and the moon, Transformers 3 Trailer breaking apple trailer record, and the new supposed social soda machine of THE FUTURE from Pepsi. Also tune in for TFG1Mike’s latest album review, and the announcement of several new This Week In Geek Projects. So grab A SODA!, sit back relax and enjoy this weeks nerd news!!!!

This Week In Geek is not responsible for the drunken actions of Mike The Birdman Dodd, nor are we responsible for him corrupting young minds like ScottyDoo.

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SDCC Mattel toy pics

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TFG1Mike is the Co-Creator of The GeekCast Radio Network. He loves Movies, TV, Comics, Video games, and podcasting... in case you hadn't noticed! Mike is someone who loves every aspect of the podcasting process, even though it causes him stress at times. From the scheduling, to recording, editing, and everything in between. He also enjoys writing reviews on the topics that he's interested in.You can hear TFG1Mike every week, on multiple shows here at the GCRN. His goal is to bring the fans of the GCRN the best possible podcasts! Unleash the Geek In You!

  • Royal

    What Justin Lin and Arnold should do is get ahold of Edward Furlong, get him to the gym to get back in shape and some muscle on him, and bring him back to play as John Connor. and screw christan bale. I love the guy and all but he is NO JOHN CONNOR…

  • tfg1mike

    agreed that he is no john connor.

  • TV’s Mr. Neil

    Three things.

    1. Superman II The Donner Cut should just be called Superman. I have to admit, I have a major bug up my ass about origin stories. I hate them. I think we all have a general idea of how Superman came to be. Just skip to the chase and tell a new story about the man of steel. That’s what Superman II was.

    2. About the soda thing, I think I agree with Blanchard about social media taking over everything. I hate how everything has to be connected. I don’t text chat. I just want to be left alone sometimes.

    However, what really bugs me about this is that the whole idea behind redeemable codes is that they exist for you to forget about them. You gift your friend a code for a soda, and then your friend forgets to get it. Free money for the soda companies.

    3. Michael Bay is a douche. Again, Blanchard’s right. Bay just wants to wank to the military, and that’s why I hate the Transformers movies, because Michael Bay can’t do a movie without marines and gasoline explosions.

    It’s interesting that they picked David Warner to voice Shockwave, because a lot of people believe that Corey Burton was doing a David Warner impersonation as Shockwave.

    Now… to listen to THIS week’s episode, so I can comment on that, too.

  • tfg1mike

    To my knowledge SHOCKWAVE’S VA has not been revealed yet. All I said was that was who I’d want to voice him.

  • TV’s Mr. Neil

    Oh…. One MOOOOOOORE thing…

    Although I am not much of an astronomy buff, I can say that this isn’t the end of the space race for us. Private companies are already working on and have tested successors to the shuttle. What’s happening is that it’s the end of GOVERNMENT-funded space travel. We’re still going to be in space.

    Things are going to be moving along a lot better than most people think.

    Okay, moving on…

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